Combining Your Rubber Stamps to Make Scenes

Rubber Stamps can be combined in all kinds of ways to create new scenes. You can use entire stamps, or just parts of them by selectively inking the lines you want with a felt tip pen. By using the simple masking technique (described in this previous post), you can make some images appear to be in the foreground, and some in the background. You can play with size and perspective. What story will you tell with your stamps?

Here is one of mine — I used several stamps: Butterfly, Night Sky (just the clouds, repeating the image), Downy Woodpecker, Girl Catching Snowflakes (just the girl), and Anemone.  The scene is colored with Prismacolor Pencils, and I drew in a horizon line for depth.  Many of the images are intentionally cropped at the edge of the paper, to give the sense of a larger scene contained by the frame of the paper’s edge.

Can you figure out what order I stamped them in?

Nature's Blessings Fine Art Stamps

Follow Your Own Dream Butterfly

Answer? The order is: Girl, Night Sky, Butterfly, Anemone, Woodpecker (but the order really only matters for those items that overlap).

Many thanks for the caption, Arwa!

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