From the Kitchen of…You!

Are you busy in the kitchen making all kinds of wonderful things…cookies, jam, syrup or maybe your own special brew? Well, I can hardly think of a better gift for a friend or loved one! Why not wrap it up in style with a personalized stamped message?

All you need besides your gift food item are a few of these cute brown paper tags, some rubber stamps, and a bit of gingham ribbon tied in a bow (image: Girl Cooking by Nature’s Blessings Fine Art Stamps):


You can stamp just the image and trim the tag down to size, or leave it long, and add your sentiment on the front of the tag along with your image.

Need some inspiration for what to write? Here are some ideas to really “get you cooking”! (Images, from left to right:  Girl Cooking, Child Eating, and Baking, by Nature’s Blessings Fine Art Stamps.)

Nature's Blessings Fine Art Stamps

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