Happy New Year Crazy Collage

Paper collage is a great way to use up odds and ends from your other stamping projects, but not to underestimate it, a collage can be a wonderful project in and of itself. It is a great way to explore new ideas, compositions and color schemes. Sometimes you have a big idea for what you want to create at the start, and other times, the art work emerges as you go.


For this collage, I didn’t plan much ahead besides picking the rubber stamps I wanted to use, and having some idea that I wanted it to be festive and colorful. I had a piece of confetti paper in my stash that I wanted to be the background. Then I chose three stamps, Cow Jumped Over the Moon, Howling Dog, and Cat and the Fiddle, and stamped them on primary colored papers. Then I drew various sizes of circles around the stamped images with a stencil and cut them out, along with some small circles as well.

For the rest of the card I played with the composition, trying out different papers, colors and shapes until I found one I liked. Then I added the greeting and nursery rhyme poem in black pen, and added silver highlights.

The new year is a fun time to have a paper collage party, and is a good activity for family and friends of all ages. Have everyone bring some paper scraps, stamps, odds and ends and then put them in a big communal pile for everyone to draw from for their projects. Make as few or as many collages as you like, and share them with each other, or send them out as greetings in the new year.

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