Let this jolly Santa do all of your Christmas decorating for you!

This little stamp Santa with Pack is wonderfully simple and versatile. It may just be the only stamp you need this Christmas! (Of course if we are wrong about that, we have plenty more to choose from…)


Here he is, stamped in red on white card stock. What could be simpler or easier for a Christmas Card?


Here he is stamped on white paper for gift wrap…


And another version of gift wrap… this is a monoprint using the stamp to lift off ink which gives a cool effect, but you could just as easily use white pigment ink on red paper to make a print that looks very close to this.


And lastly here he is stamped in red on a cardboard tag. This would make a great gift tag, or even a Christmas tree ornament. Or, you could send it out as your Christmas card and let the person you send it to decide!


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