Make a Back-to-School Chalkboard Card

In late summer, every now and then you catch a whiff of autumn in the air, and you know it is almost time for school to start. Poor kids! How they miss their summer fun. But there’s new school clothes to buy, and supplies, old friends to see again, and maybe some new ones. Maybe the new school year will bring the adventure of a new teacher, or even a new school.

Here is a fun card to make. Actually it is rather big for a card, but sometimes you have to just go for it – the card will be what it wants to be! You can always make it smaller if you want something more mail-friendly. For the image, I stamped and colored School Days by Nature’s Blessings Fine Art Stamps, and cut out around the main figures in the image.

For the chalkboard, I used the technique for making pastel paper described in this previous post, but using black acrylic paint in the paint/ground mixture. After it is dry, “cure” it a bit by rubbing a piece of white chalk over the surface, and brushing it off to give it an authentic chalkboard appearance. Then you can draw on it with chalk, and make whatever kind of design or message you wish. To get a fine line, I used a white pastel pencil so the writing really is chalk! I don’t normally spray my pastel drawings, but this one seemed likely to smear and so I gave it a light coat of matte acrylic spray.

Compose and mat your image however you like. For the cut-out image, I used spray adhesive to get good coverage. I had some scrapbook paper with an autumn-leaf pattern that I liked, and so used that. The blue card stock adds to the primary-color feel of the finished design, and picks up some of the blues in the children’s clothing in the stamped image.

Did you notice the little girl in front is proudly carrying her chalk slate?

Nature's Blessings Fine Art Stamps

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