Make a Cutout Falling Leaf Frame

Frame cards are a great way to showcase something special – words of inspiration, a found object or a favorite photograph. To begin, select a piece of card stock in a color and texture that you like, and using a straight edge and bone folder, score a line that will be your fold line. Fold along the scored line, and trim your card to your desired size.

Next, on the inside of the front of your card, use a pencil to lightly trace the shape that you want your cutout window to be. For this example, I stamped Bluejay, cut out the image, positioned it where I wanted it, and then lightly traced with pencil around the edge of the image.bluejay_leaf_frame

Next, still using pencil, draw a guide for where you will cut. If you use a photograph or stamped image, you may want the window to be smaller than the photograph. If you are planning to use an object or written sentiment, you may want the window to be larger – it is up to you. I drew my guide to be slightly smaller than the stamped image.

Next, carefully cut out your window along your guideline. You can carefully cut with scissors, but if you are doing a shape with precise or straight edges it will probably be easier to use a paper trimmer.

To decorate the front (frame side) of the card, insert a piece of scrap paper inside the card to protect the inside from being stamped. Then stamp a design of your choice. I used Maple Leaf, and stamped it several times. Make overlapping images using two shades of pigment ink. I think the effect looks like falling autumn leaves!

Finally, attach your showcase image or object or write your sentiment inside the card so that it shows through the window on the front. When you open the card, the larger image is visible. And there you have it, a special gift with its own frame!

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