Make this Quick Card to Congratulate Your Graduate!

This time of year, many of our friends and family are crossing an important landmark in their lives…graduation! Many children now celebrate graduation from preschool and elementary school, and recently a very accomplished woman in Germany received her doctorate at 102 years old. No matter what age, everyone likes to have an important event in their lives celebrated and appreciated, and a very appropriate way to do so is to send a card. Of course one that you make yourself is an especially nice touch, and you can always tuck a little something inside, like a gift card or money to recognize their accomplishment.

Here is a card that is very easy to make.  The style is simple but elegant, just like that diploma they recently received! Stamp Professor Owl by Nature’s Blessings Fine Art Stamps on crisp white card stock. Crop it as needed, but leave plenty of white space around the image.  Now find a piece of red card stock, and trim it to be slightly larger than the white card you just stamped on. Cut four diagonal slits in the corners, and tuck in corners of the stamped card. Now find a ribbon with a bit of gold in it, something that looks collegiate. The easiest way to tack it on is to use a bit of spray adhesive, and then tuck the ends around the back side of the red card.

Now find a piece of black card stock, and fold it in half so it will be slightly larger than the red card. If you use a bone folder, and score the paper before you fold it, your fold should look neat and crisp. Run the bone folder along the fold to flatten it. Crop it as needed, and mount the red card on top with adhesive squares.  And there you are! Choose your own sentiment, or use this one:  Hoo hoo whoooo graduated?  (Inside) You did! Congratulations!

Nature's Blessings Fine Art Stamps

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