Rubber stamp on copper!

A while ago I purchased a roll of copper for a household DIY fix-it project, but only needed a small amount then had lots left over. It occurred to me, given how thin it is, that it would make a great surface to stamp on. It would even be light enough to add to stamped cards! So here are a couple of first projects. It’s a fun material to use, and I’m conjuring with other ways to use it, so you may see more copper in future posts.

For materials, you need special ink to stamp on copper, but that’s about it. If you have metal shears that will save some wear and tear on your scissors, but I just went ahead and used my scissors. Do be careful of sharp and pointy metal edges.

I made my own templates for these two projects, stenciled on the copper (just indenting and marking the cut line with the tip of a bone folder) and cut them out. I stamped them using Stayzon ink, in black. Then when the ink was dry, I distressed the surface (optional!) with a ball pein jewelry hammer. Hammering the edges took some of the sharpness from the edges. If you don’t hammer your piece, you’ll probably want to file the edges a bit.

Here are a couple of finished projects. The first is an announcement – for a wedding perhaps? Or a baby? Perhaps an honorary knighthood! (Image: Queen’s Herald by Nature’s Blessings Fine Art Stamps)

Nature's Blessings Fine Art Stamps

This second project is a bookmark. To punch the hole, you can use a standard paper punch, even 1/8 inch size (the metal is thin enough).  A leather cord with a couple of hand-blown glass beads add an extra touch of elegance. (Image: Books by Nature’s Blessings Fine Art Stamps)

Nature's Blessings Fine Art Stamps


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