Rubber Stamps and 3D Collage

Dimensional or 3D Collage is an art form where you incorporate 3D objects with paper and images to produce a finished piece. When you add rubber stamps into the mix, you can end up with really beautiful pieces that feature your favorite stamp images and are suitable for shadow box framing.

This seasonal piece is all about Autumn… brightly-colored falling leaves, the donning of warm clothes, harvesting nuts, and that brisk chill in the air that starts to smell a just a bit like winter …but the turning leaves are nature in full glory.

2015-10-24 09.11.05

To start, I chose Children Feeding Squirrels as my focal image. The whole collage will be built around this image. I stamped it in black on pale gray card stock. Next, using the same card stock, I stamped Maple Leaf in overlapping images of red and gold. This stamp makes a great repeated background pattern. I watercolored and then mounted the focal image on blue card stock, and then used dimensional foam sticky dots to adhere it to the leaf background.

I must confess I really wanted to show off this photo of our sugar maple tree in peak color…isn’t it glorious? All that red and gold against a cool cloudless blue sky… well, I just love it. I scaled the digital image to the size I needed and printed it on glossy card stock. Then I found a piece of red corrugated cardboard that grounds the whole piece and adds textural interest.

Lastly, I added my 3D embellishments. If you get into 3D collage, start collecting little bits of this-and-that when they catch your eye. Ribbons are great, especially the wired ribbon because you can bend and form it into interesting shapes like the bow here. The small red chrysanthemum is also from my collection of dimensional “doodads” as I like to call them. It adds interest to the bow, and also hides the floral wire I wrapped around the ribbon. Use a good glue like E6000 craft adhesive to keep the 3D objects in place.

I was satisfied at this point and stopped here, but could have kept going. More images? More dimensional objects…burlap and buttons perhaps? Maybe a handwritten quote or some word stamps? The whole process of dimensional collage is playfully creative, so you can do whatever strikes your fancy.

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