Rubber Stamps and Postage Stamps!

Postage stamps are a great addition to your rubber stamp art. I have a lot of postage stamps from all over the world, many that I collected as a kid. They never had much monetary value, but I think they have great value as little works of art that add interest to my stamped pieces.  At some point in a fit of tidying-up I sorted them into separate envelopes with themes like “birds”, “fruit”, and “transportation”. This turned out to be pretty helpful, as they are now easy to sort through to find appropriate images for card-making and collage.

Here is an example of a simple collage with several postage stamps and a rubber stamp scene about wind-borne sailing vessels. I used a brayer over white card stock to add a mottled layer of blue ink, and then went over this with lightly-sponged silver ink to even out the tone of the blue. When the background layer was dry, I stamped Clipper Ship and Man Walking in black ink. Then I added the postage stamps, glued in a pattern that I thought was appealing and worked well with the stamped images. Lastly I added the quote in black and silver gel ink:

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”


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