Thinking of You!

This easy greeting card uses Red Currant stamped in black waterproof ink, and colored with markers. There is a wide variety of good quality art markers available today, and while they can be expensive, a card like this only requires a few colors because the stamped image does a lot of the shading for you. I used two shades of green for the leaves and two others for the berries, but you could get by just as well with a single green and dark pink. I shaded the berries with a dark sienna shade which also worked well for the woody part of the stem.


If you use a single stamp image in a composition like this, it can help to add a bit of background shading to draw the viewer’s eye towards it – especially if you are using a white background as I’ve done here. To achieve a gentle shading effect, sponge a light sepia shade around the stamped image to fill in the white areas a bit. Start very light and build up the color gradually to achieve an overall evenness. I also shaded a bit in the center of the “Thinking of you Sentiment” to match the overall value of the image and greeting focal areas.

The rest of the composition is simple. pick contrasting mat and card stock that complements the colors you’ve used, trim to your desired size, and round the edges for a softer effect.

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